The Foundation Of Your Marketing Plan


Marketing starts from your customers and your prospective customers, they are the reason you are even doing the marketing. Without them you don’t have any business being in business.

So before you start planning your marketing plan, you must first understand two things, actually three things about your customers. – Who they are – how they think and behave – where they operate.

Formally referred to as; their demographics – psychographics – trading area.



1. Who they are:

Are they male or female, young or old, married or single, rich or poor, educated or illiterate, black or white, slim or plus-size, landlords or tenants, a mixture of all, etc.

Who are they.png

I don’t think marketing children’s clothes in single people’s fellowship or forum is a very smart idea. Yes you may sell one or two but that is where it ends – just one or two and am very sure selling one or two can’t and won’t keep you in business for long.

But going to such places with let’s say a book titled ‘’3 GUARANTEED WAYS OF GETTING MARRIED WITHIN 6 MONTHS’’. Probably written by a well-known author or clergy or a marriage councillor like Yosola my friend, even though you are not married yourself, will definitely make you an over-night millionaire.

I know you will be saying, ‘’ahhh but this is very elementary naa, everybody should know it’’.

I agree with you, but am writing this because not everybody knows it, tell you what, there are people that market school to children, yes I mean to kids as in kids, even though the kids may mention it to their parents, I don’t think that strategy will yield much result.

Even though the kids are the ones going to attend the school, I will rather target the dude that will be paying the school fees and probably be making the decision on which school the kids will attend. If the marketers had defined rightly who their customers are, they won’t be wasting their time with kids.


2. How they think and behave:

Their life style, their behaviour, the values or opinion they hold, their hobbies, their interests, what drives them and at times even what they drive, etc.


Targeting some group that see and think themselves as movie or music stars for a new hotel in Mushin (some place in Lagos where you have a lot of area boys and fathers and they fight a lot there too) will not work, in their mind and perception Mushin is not their hang-out zone, it won’t say well of their reputation, they have gone pass that – for them Oriental and Four Point hotels and such are the places they should be seen.

Some of them will say ‘’what if someone see me there?’’, they will rather bury their legs in the sand than to go to any Mushin hotel.

There is nothing wrong in patronizing a new hotel in Mushin but some people will not just go there just because of how they think and how they see themselves and there is nothing wrong with that, but rather everything will be wrong with your business if you refuse to understand your customers behaviour and reasoning. 

The area boys and fathers will most certainly want to be associated as the patronisers and big boys of the ‘’new’’ hotel because it will massage their ego, it will also give the ‘’new’’ hotel instant popularity in the area.

So the owner will be doing the ‘’new’’ hotel and himself a very big favour by targeting them.


3. Where they operate:


trading area.jpg


This one is self-explanatory. Going to open a showroom for mint Mercedes Benz or Lexus car in Ajegunle (another place in Lagos seen as slum, but menhn a whole lot happens there) does not sound like a sound plan.

The people that can afford such cars won’t ever know that such showroom exist, because they don’t operate there. The showroom will probably get shut down after 4 months. This applies to every other thing both on-line and off-line.

If you know who your customer is – demographics – you can then determine why he buys – psychographics. With this knowledge you can begin to construct a plan or tailor your products or services to satisfy his needs.

Wish I can simplify this further …

Did you find this article helpful? Then kindly drop me a comment in the comment box below and also help share so that others can benefit too. Also if you have any tips that you want to share, in relation to this post, please you can also put it as a comment.

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