Unconventional Extra-Income Machines



The richest man in Africa, Alhaji Aliko Dangote was asked during an interview;


“What is your advice for young people Sir?”


His response: ‘’Start any business that puts 1naira into your account daily. A lay man would say, 1naira is too small, but a wise man would think of the possibility of multiplying that 1Naira by 1Million customers daily’’


Banks charge 5naira per sms alert, now multiply 5naira by 5million customers daily. Abeg do the math.


Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki, did a ‘’collabo’’ on a book they titled, ‘’Why We Want You To Be Rich’’. (Can you believe that?)


trump and robert.png

They said something that is ‘’mindset changing’’ in that book – ‘’we must not deny ourselves the good things of this life and instead of restricting ourselves to our means, why don’t we change our thinking and rather expand our means’’ – what a statement.


If you are a salary earner with good pay or you have a business that is doing very well and you are satisfied with your income or you generally don’t need or care about another source of income.


Please I suggest you stop here and don’t waste your time reading this long, typo filled post.


But if you don’t have a job at all or a good one or any sustainable source of income or maybe you have a good job or you have a good business, but care for another source of income, no matter how small that income maybe and you are ready and willing to grow this new income and maybe turn it into a business, then I suggest you stick around.


So if you want to be able to do what Trump and Kiyosaki suggested – expand your means – then read on.


Now please get this, what I want to talk about is NOT a ‘’get rich quick’’ scheme, where you do nothing and money will be pouring into your bank account, no it is not.


Network marketing is good but that is still NOT what I want to talk about.


I want to talk about some Unconventional income or extra income machines you can start immediately and unconventional ways of doing certain businesses that will generate income and extra income for you.


Some of them will cost you little or no money to launch them.


And if you are willing to put in the SMART work involved, these can become established businesses, that will employ people and enable you ‘’enjoy the good things of this life’’.


Without having to wake up by 4:30am, rush out of the house by 5:30 to a job you are not so much in love with and then get back home by 11pm exhausted, and no time for your family, only for the cycle to continue the next morning.


You actually don’t have any time to live your life, and do you want to spend the rest of your life that way?


Here’s the thing. Research says the average multi-millionaire has seven different sources of income.


If you are a multi-millionaire you will not only live your life, you will enjoy it abundantly. You will have more than enough for yourself and your family and enough to give others.


But the things, am about to say will not make you a multi-millionaire over night


When you have one source of income – for instance, a single job – you are falling into a trap. You will be one of the masses instead of one of the people who will survive.


So you constantly have to be on the lookout for other sources of income.


Don’t worry, that’s why we are here


Remember – the average rich person has seven sources of income.


While the average poor person has one source of income


The path from one income to seven or ten sources of income isn’t always easy…


But it’s also not always as hard as you might think.


The problem is: Most of us were trained to think money only comes from getting a job.


If you think every income stream has to pay you as much as your job, then you’ll never build seven income streams.


And having multiple income streams gives you more than just money; it protects you against the uncertainties of a job and economic instability.


For instance


If you have 100 people paying you N1000 every month for value you offer them, then you will have N100, 000 a month income.


But if one of those people “fires” you then you still have a N99, 000 income.


On the other hand, if you have just a job paying you N150, 000 or more monthly, and then if that one person (owner of the job) fires you then you won’t have any income at all.


Do you get the drift?


I have been on both sides of the table – working only for a salary – and being paid by people I offer value to. So I know exactly what am talking about.


IDEAS ARE THE CURRENCY OF LIFE. Not money. Money gets depleted until you go broke. Financial wealth is a side effect of having and implementing good ideas.


head idea.png

Most often people say I need so much money before I can start something. You don’t need money per say.


What you actually need to start is an idea, any idea that when you implement it will add value to people; I can assure you that they will give you their money in exchange for that value.


And there are many such ideas; you can start with little or no cash.


The belief that you need money to make money makes you a victim and gives you no way out.


You only need a good idea and then pursue it aggressively, then the idea will yield money and the money will make more money for you.


“There are fast ideas and slow ideas, just as there are fast trains and slow trains. When it comes to money, most people are on the slow train looking out the window watching the fast train pass them by. If you want to become rich quickly, your plan must include fast ideas.” – Robert Kiyosaki


By now am sure it must have dawned on you that all you need to start earning that income or extra income is just an IDEA.


I have taken time, effort and considerable research to develop 12 good ideas, which will make you an income or extra income, depending on where you are now.


I called them unconventional extra income machines


Some of these ideas are very unconventional and things you may never have thought of before.


Some are things you may know or have come across, but never in the way, I presented them.


Yes these ideas are easy to start and you can launch one or two even if you are afraid or have not started anything before.


And the good part, most of them cost little or nothing to start


I know what you are thinking… ”another useless list of home business ideas” No, they are not.


Neither is it another ‘’100+ list of business ideas’’


Am sure you have come across tons of websites listing such business ideas like:


Real estate agency

Car washing

Carpet washing



Yes these ideas are good but they are not the kind of things am talking about


Most of the ideas I have documented are unconventional in nature and application


One of such ideas is what I call ‘’IDEAS MACHINE’’ imagine you becoming a machine that churns out ideas at will.


Ideas are the real money magnets, money run after good ideas.


If you can have the discipline (which I know you can) to do the things required and launch this one idea, money won’t be an issue again; it will just become what it is – a tool.


And most important, I did not just make a list of 13 ideas, like those websites you know do, I included all the details you will need to make any of it a success


Details like what problem(s) the ideas will solve or the solution they will provide and the step-by-step details of how to launch them and all that is needed or required to start. You get the whole works.


I have to tell you something at this point. Am not perfect yet, am still on the journey; I, still make some of the mistakes you make.


I send emails to my clients with glaring typos, sometimes my presentations are off, and my blogs are riddled with so many spelling mistakes. I goof at times, I have regrets too, and I have done things that were unsuccessful.


But the thing is that I always and daily strive to add value to myself and also look out for ways to add value to others.


The final step – the step that will make all this worthwhile – is for you to agree to my terms then get my experience and research.


If you guarantee a one-time N987 (just nine hundred and eighty seven naira only (less than what some spend on a single lunch)) or $2 (two dollars) payment to me as a return for the time and effort I put into mapping all this out, then I will hand you a new source(s) of income on a silver platter…


I’m not always right. I don’t pretend to be. 


I can’t guarantee you will make money from my ideas; it largely depends on you, if you will take action. But I do my best.


I’m just sharing some of the things that I have done and researched. You only need to take action.


Like wise men say – ‘’one good action is better than a thousand good intentions’’


The choice is yours…


Like I said the money is just in return for the time and effort I put in, if I have to sell it, I will definitely ask for more than that.


When you start making money from any of the idea(s) please I will love to hear your testimony.


If you need me to send you the book, contact me here: https://letsrethinkbiz.com/contact/




Send me an SMS here: 08032015166

With your email address and full names.

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